Animating Expressive Faces SparkAR Creators Days / July 2021

Spark AR Workshop: Animating expressive faces

Come and join me in an interactive class in which we will learn all the ins and outs of animating expressive faces in Spark AR!

We will animate a 3D face using gestures and BlendShapes, use patches and code to increase the range of gesture detection amplifying subtle interactions and also work with reactive animations and additional details to enhance the expressiveness of the users.


For this project you need to have Spark AR Studio 118+ installed and the project files.
Download Spark AR Studio 118+ Download the project files package
or clone the GitHub Repo

Optional, for the artists or curious ones ...
You will need blender 2.92+ to be able to create your own models or modify the provided ones.

It's completely optional, but you should have a code editing software if you like to modify the scripts.
Get Visual Studio Code (recomended) or Atom .

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Santiago Anglés

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Santiago Anglés directs the Mix Reality and Interactive Experiences team at The Electric Factory, leading the team specialized in Spark AR which, since 2018, has delivered more than 200 projects for brands such as Messenger, HBO, Coca-Cola and more.

With over 20 years in the industry, Santiago combines his expertise, creativity and new emerging technologies with focus into creating innovative projects with high impact and engagement for the users.

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